A bomb-resistant ATM surround developed by Salberg Concrete Products and ATM Solutions, both of South Africa, recently took top honors in the innovation category of the 2012 Concrete Manufacturers Association awards.

ATM bombings are on the rise in South Africa; 2011 statistics from SABS News showed a 61 percent increase year-over-year, the award announcement said. To combat bombers, South African firms Salberg Concrete Products and ATM Solutions developed their own blast-resistant ATM surround. Recently their solution was recognized with top honors in the innovation category of the 2012 Concrete Manufacturers Association Awards.

Salberg worked closely with ATM Solutions and the South African Police Services on he multi-million rand (1 rand = US11 cents) project. From inception to successful testing in real world conditions, the project took 37 months to complete.

“The project required innovative thinking and creativity to develop a state-of-the-art solution that generates positive guaranteed results,” said Salberg CEO Dr. Rudy Absil. “The … solution is an industry first and sets new standards of excellence.”

The blast-proof ATM casing maintains its frame during an explosion, protecting the money vault and ensuring minimal damage to the machine. Designers also took care to ensure that the structure would be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

The housing is made up of lightweight concrete units with built-in lifting hooks and levelling devices to allow easy transportation and installation. These features have enabled ATM Solutions to expand into rural areas where an ATM can be “dropped down” with the only requirement being an electrical outlet.

“This project demonstrates how clients and suppliers can develop solutions in innovative ways,” said Frans Swanepoel, operations director at ATM Solutions. “Since January 2012, ATM Solutions has deployed over 100 of the units throughout South Africa, and particularly in rural areas where explosive resistant ATM structures are in demand.”

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