A. Taper Chute Channels

There have been many attempts to find a satisfactory method of draining stormwater for steep slopes and embankments. Most of these have proved to be costly and doubtful efficiency.

The Taper Chute Channel provides an economical and simple solution to this problem that is both mechanically and hydraulically appropriate
for this particular application. The units are designed to be mechanically interlocking so as to provide for the longitudinal thrust due to the mass of channel above each joint and at the same time, provide sufficient flexibility to cope with slight settlement or scour of the supporting material. The kinetic energy in the water is reduced by:

  1. The turbulence created as it is forced to converge and jump to each section.
  2. The reduction in the overall gradient due to the step effect of the interlocking sections.
  3. Laying the units is simple as they can be manhandled into position and requires no mortar or other jointing materials.

Innovation in Precast Concrete