Fire Hydrant Post and Boxes

Precast Concrete Hydrant Boxes and Fire Hydrant Post

The following constitutes the specifications covering the precast components for the use in metre boxes, valve and fire hydrant chambers:

  1. Materials – these shall comply with all the requirements laid down in SANS 677-1969 for cement, sand, aggregate, reinforcement and water.
  2. General – these chambers may have the cast iron cover cast in or a concrete cover may be used.
  3. Dimensions – the actual dimensions shall not differ by more than the following values: wall thickness – 3mm.
  4. Deviation from straightness – this shall not deviate by more than 5mm per metre of length.
  5. End Squareness – the maximum deviation from end squareness of the ends shall not exceed 6mm.
  6. Cover – the minimum thickness of the cover over all reinforcement shall be 10mm.
  7. Resistance to Proof Load – these valve boxes and chambers shall support a point load of 35KN spread over an area of 200x200mm without showing any signs of failure.
  8. Marking – the following information shall be indelibly marked on the boxes and covers:
    a. The manufacturer’s trade name.
    b. The date of manufacture.

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