Kerb Inlet and Drains


Super-critical Flow
Type 3: The Salberg High Capacity Unblockable K.I. (Patent No’s: 88/8328 & 88/9250)

  1. Hydraulics – this patented K.I. has a unique layout of steel foils which force the water downwards and sideways to create an unblockable high capacity intake to the stormwater system.
  2. Strength – designed to carry a 120KN point along any point on the top and front face and 80KN on the steel grating. An angle iron leading edge is provided in order to protect it against horizontal impact.
  3. Safety – the high capacity draw-o ff is achieved without any deviation of the kerb line, no steeply graded channels, no excess water on the road.
  4. Maintenance – access is obtained by removing the steel grating. This is minimal since the high velocity and the design of the foil ensure self cleansing properties.
  5. Economies of cost
    a. This is the most cost-effective product in the world due to its improved hydraulic efficiency and comparing R/litre NOT R/metre.
    b. Installation time is reduced by means of a special lifting device, which makes it possible to lay the complete unit in 20 minutes, thus saving on labour, plant and contract time
    c. No cast iron covers to be broken or stolen. The steel grating has locking bolts and chain to prevent unauthorised removal.


The system comprises of three components:

  1. A combination Side/Drop inlet chamber-This chamber combines the flow from the Transition Section and the Transverse Section with the water entering directly through the high capacity grating.
  2. The Transition Section-This provides a limited means of increasing the interception capacity of the system. A maximum of 2 metres is recommended.
  3. The Transverse section- This projects into the road where the patent foils catch the water which would otherwise have been bypass flow.



The type 5 Kerb inlet is a U-channel which is available in 2000mm and 1000mm sections, 1000mm sections are manufactured with an angled channel with a 45° skew end.

Slabs for the Type 5 Kerb Inlets are 1500mm in length. One of the slabs is manufactured at the same angle as the skew end channel and the other straight. Slabs are cast with angle iron on the front.

Channels are designed with the rear being higher to accommodate the height of the pavement and kerb, with the front being lower to accommodate the height of the road. Water is intercepted at the level of the road and flows into the channel.

Each channel is cast with a 450mm x 1000mm hole where the junction box is built allowing water flow from the channel through the opening into the junction box, where it drains into the stormwater pipe.


The Type (P) is manufactured in the same way as the Type 5 with the following differences:

  1. Slabs are cast without Angle Iron on the front
  2. Slabs are secured on the channels with an angled frame
  3. Frames are made from angle iron and are the exact shape as the front end of the channels when assembled
  4. Supports are made from angle iron and placed over the front leg of the channels
  5. Angled frame legs are made to ?t over the upright supports, forming a steady framework on which the slabs stand

Innovation in Precast Concrete