In an exciting moment in South African pre-cast concrete history, Salberg Concrete Products, one of the oldest companies in the industry, has merged with Ubuntu Pre-cast, one of the youngest, in what promises to be a shakeup of who’s who in the market.

In an industry where the barriers to entry are vast the merging of these two companies is seen as a clever marriage of two entrepreneurial organisations with proven track records of operational excellence to produce one sleek highly efficient competitor ready to stake its claim in the pre-cast concrete market.

Together the organisations have complementary assets which is seen to create a single high performance company in the pre-cast concrete space. When asked what brought about the coming together of these two family businesses, the newly invested CEO Russel Samuels said ‘family businesses have unique dynamics that the Salberg and Samuels companies share.

This has contributed enormously to the compatibility of culture and values between the two organisations’. Both companies share a strong entrepreneurial and service driven business ethos; they both share an understanding and excitement about the opportunities and growth prospects within the pre-cast concrete industry; and finally they both share a profound recognition of the value of diversity.

Russel Samuels (CEO) “We will continue to grow through service delivery excellence”

Considering the future of Salberg, Russel says there are two clear actions:

  • Developing a growth path in which Salberg will be equal to or greater than the major players
  • Gaining market share through service delivery excellence

Black Empowerment

Salberg Concrete Products is now the only BEE / AA led company in the pre-cast concrete industry, in the form of CEO, Russel Samuels and Chairperson, Barbara Parker