Enlarger Slabs

Enlarger Slab

The “Enlarger Slab” was developed for three reasons:

  1. It doubles the use of the existing prefabricated base thus providing considerable saving in cost.
  2. In a normal 1000mm diameter base it is not good practice to have more than two junctions as it leaves very little room for a man to stand. This is no problem when using an enlarger slab as there is a working platform all the way round. This means that it is now possible to have all the junctions in one manhole, giving a further saving in cost.
  3. The mass of a 1250mm diameter base would be very difficult to handle.


The Enlarger Slab is bonded to the base by any appropriate epoxy thus providing an indestructible and watertight joint between the
two components.

Innovation in Precast Concrete