The passion and imagination of our staff is our most valuable asset. We are as strong as our weakest link! Not everyone can hold a significant title, but the dynamic working environment at Salberg offers ample opportunity for all to grow and to develop greater skills. This way, one of the most highly qualified workforces in the country will become the leaders of our industry.

It is through our people that we will deliver on our promise or external expression of our brand essence. They are the ones who have been and still are powering possibility. This brand promise captures the nature of our business and our unique benefit, as a resource business we are the starting point of the value chain and our products affect all industries in one way or another. We power industry and business, and create possibility through striving to ensure that we deliver innovative and sustainable products not only for today, but for the benefit of generations to come. These innovations include safe, enjoyable working conditions for our employees, renewable energy sources for industries and a cleaner environment for everyone in mind.

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